How to share your Real time location with friends and family using Google maps

With the latest update in the Google maps app,Google has introduced a new location sharing feature for its users,using which users can easily share their real time location with friends and family using the Google maps app,the process is very similar to the find my friends app on the iOS platform,this feature is very effective to let your friends know your current location,you can choose the time duration for which you want your location to be shared,here are the steps to perform location sharing.

Users just need to head to the google maps app and click on the menu lines,select share location option ,configure the time duration and select the contact to share your location,once you configure the location will be shared ,you can also share via message using a link,the steps are as follows.

  • Goto the latest version of Google Maps app (Android,iOS) on your mobile,
  • Upon installation open the app and click on the Three lines at the top left,
  • From their Select the ‘Share location’ option,

  • Configure the time duration,and select the people to share location,
  • Or directly send the link via sms.

The location will be continuously shared until the time prescribed,you can see the remaining time from the google maps app directly,click on the plus sign to increase the time duration while sharing,you can also configure it to share the location until manually stopped by you,by selecting the ‘until you turn this off’ option.

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