Now you can flip a coin or roll a die using google

Google yesterday announced a new feature for mobile users,on its google plus with with an animation shown below,that let’s you flip a coin or roll a die and get random results,just ask you device to flip a coin or roll a die and get the results,this is a follow up to the ‘flip a coin’ voice command feature on google

If you want a coin just say ‘Flip a coin’ or with some variations and get the results,the die can be called by saying ‘Roll a die’ or ‘Roll die’and you will get the results

To use the feature the users need to say the “Ok google” command,as mentioned on the Google’s blog

And, your Google app now doubles as a virtual coin

Korean BBQ or pizza? Interstellar or St. Vincent? So many questions in life can be decided with a quick coin flip. Save those quarters for laundry and parking meters—just say “Ok Google, flip a coin” and make those decisions in a snap.


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