Nokia z launcher now available at the Playstore

Previously nokia released a beta version of its z launcher via z launcher website in the month of june ,that comes pre-installed with the Nokia N1 tablet featuring android 5.0 ,This launcher can also be used&experienced by other users running android 4.1-4.4 version on there mobile phones

The company says that, “Throughout the day, Nokia Z Launcher is learning how you use your phone and promoting your favourite apps so you can get to them faster.” It adds that over time, the “Z Launcher learns what applications are in use, and predicts and highlights the applications consumers are expected to want based on time of day and location.”


Just like the beta version this let’s you scribble the first letter of the search and on home screen it let’s you get the related apps,Nokia says that with the Adapt feature, the launcher over time “learns to promote the right stuff at the right time.”

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