New MyRide app from Yamaha lets bikers easily keep a track of their rides

Yamaha has launched a new app available for all the Bikers to help them track their rides while traveling,The app offers you ways to enrich your riding experience, no matter the bike you ride, See your riding stats, remember where you went and explore where to go, MyRide has been created with you in mind, the rider. This app is available as free to download for android as well as iOS users.

This free app from Yamaha (Android, iOS) lets users analyse and store information regarding their rides,the app is not just limited to Yamaha bikers,it is open for all the users,using this app users can analyse the detailed information regarding their rides,like Speed,Breaking force,Lean angles,Routes taken etc,the new and initial version of this app offers the following features to the users:-

  • Track your ride and store them under your own account,
  • Create a mini journey of your ride by adding memorable pictures of your trip,
  • Share your trip on social media,
  • Data on riding features like lean angle, acceleration, average speed, top speed, brakepower, elevation and total distance,
  • Ability to keep a list of all the brands and bikes you own(ed) and tested.

Yamaha Says, “By storing detailed information about riding style and destination,”MyRide gives users the power to refine, enhance and improve their riding skills and get more out of every trip. Riders can keep details of every motorcycle they ride or test – and they are able to check out many new routes by downloading other MyRide users’ GPX files.”

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