New Google tool will help you finding the best android phone as per your specifications and budget

Mobile phones from being a simple communication device,now days have turned up into a Multi utility device which is not limited to just making and receiving calls,The mobile phones in today’s era feature Camera,Internet,video recorder,apps and various other utilities hard to digest,While buying new phones it becomes very difficult to get a phone meeting our quality standards and budget,Picking up the right android phone as per your needs is a big challenge and google has simplified it by introducing a tool to help us find the best phone.

In this week google has launched a new tool that will help you deciding your next android phone,once you visit this site and click ‘Get started’ you will have 12 categories that describe what you want to make up out of your phone, like taking pictures,staying fit,listening to the music,social media,being productive etc,choose one of them,next you will be asked the duration for the same like if you choose game you need to choose from among Options like1 hour,4+ hours etc,select two more categories step by step and finally get the best phones meeting your requirements,click on the price dropdown to view low priced phones.

If you are looking for a new android phone and don’t have an exact device on your mind,this tools will prove really helpful in deciding the perfect phone as per your specs,it will help you to overcome the confusions and make the best choice from amongst the various phones available in the market.

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