New ‘Advance’ tool from Firefox lets users easily explore more of the web

With the latest Firefox experiment, ‘Advance’, you can explore more of the web efficiently, with real-time recommendations based on your current page and your most recent web history,With Advance Mozilla is taking you back to the Firefox roots and the experience that started everyone surfing the web, That time when the World Wide Web was uncharted territory and we could freely discover new topics and ideas online. The Internet was a different place.

Firefox wondered, is it possible to recapture that serependitious moment of discovery, that opens people’s eyes to greater awareness of the topic they were seeking? they explored the idea of a ‘forward button’ to improve the way content is discovered, and launched their Context Graph initiative, It resulted in their first Context Graph feature, Activity Stream, which was initially tested in Test Pilot, and shipped in November with the new Firefox Quantum browser. With today’s Advance experiment, Firefox hopes to bring the concept of the recommender system more to life, At a point where people no longer need to go backwards in search to move forward to discover new, relevant content.

Its Working:-

  1. Advance is a Web Extension that works by analyzing content you’re into right now in order to provide recommendations based on what you may want to “Read Next” through a sidebar in the browser,
  2. Additionally, Advance shares recommendations based on your recent online history which is discoverable in the ‘For You’ section of the sidebar. The recommendations will be based on what you visited once you’ve installed the Web Extension,
  3. The Advance sidebar enables discovery without disrupting workflow,
  4. Recommendations are purely driven by relevance, the primary goal of this experience is to give you the best and most timely recommendations.

For example, you’re just browsing the internet, and come across a page with a list of the hottest restaurants. Advance starts to recommend similar content around the most popular restaurants so that you can start comparing without having to do all the research on your own. These are based on the trusted sites you’ve already visited, new sites are recommended for you to explore. If there’s a recommendation you don’t want, you have the option to flag it as “Not interesting, off topic/spam, block sites,” or give direct feedback. The recommendations are personalized for you.

Enable advance

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