Mirror app for Android let’s you Record screen without root

Recording the screen for Android had always been a difficult task with all the limitations like root access ,data cable and all.Recording screen as we know is not possible without any app unlike capturing screen shots,Mirror beta an app for Android let’s you easily record your Android phone’s screen as a video without any root ,this app works with Android lollipop versions,Mirror had has already been there now now this app has new features
The old version enabled us to easily beam your device to other device ,these features are still present in the app,The difference now is that this app can now record your screen without any root access for Android 5.0

The recording needs to be allowed from a popup dialog box ,you can save the recording as a video file or mirror the screen to Chrome,Apple TV, or Fire TV ,this all works without root but previous versions required root.
App link :

Download the app and install it from the link

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