Microsoft Studios releases new Free to play game ‘Miami Street’ for Windows 10 PC

Race like never before, You’re invited to the world’s hottest street racing scene to win the car collection of your dreams! Enter an event, pick your lineup of cars, and choose who to challenge as you race your way to victory, Every race is a chance to win a performance icon from an ever-growing lineup of incredible cars, Miami Street is purpose-built to be played anytime, anywhere, and to delight anyone who loves cars.

Show up the competition in fast paced, one-on-one races through twisting neon city streets,Backed by an ever-growing library of performance icons, there are always new ways to strengthen your collection,With new content released regularly the action is always fresh, It’s a tournament for car lovers to enjoy anytime, anywhere! Miami street is a new kind of racing game, built for a broad audience who love easy to pick-up-and-play experiences,the game is available for free through the Windows Store on Windows 10 PC devices.

You can download the game for free at Microsoft online store for Windows 10 PC,The Game offers very easy and simple controls,Holding down the left mouse button, space bar, or anywhere on touchscreens allows you to accelerate, and releasing will cause you to brake. The car is automatically steered through the turns, but make sure you time when you brake and hit the gas perfectly to come out ahead in a race!

When your Boost has charged up to either half-way or all the way, you can press the right mouse button, enter key, or touch the boost gauge on touchscreens to activate your boost. Be sure to use it at just the right moment to get the advantage! Getting new cars and improving the cars you already have will increase your Collector Level,download the game now and enjoy it.

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