Microsoft launcher app now now offers various Parental control features

Microsoft family is just one of the many benefits of having a Microsoft account, It’s a free service that helps families stay connected, and keep kids safer on Windows 10 and Xbox One devices with features like activity reporting, screen time limits, and content restrictions. You’ll find these settings on “”, where you can also track kids’ spending and add money to their Microsoft accounts.

Our children have access to more information, entertainment and more ways to connect than ever before, but with that comes plenty of new things that parents worry about their children and new ways to distract their attention. Keeping this in mind ,Microsoft has introduced new feature that make it easier and safer for families to interact with technology and, each other, across devices and platforms.

Microsoft is bringing new features to its popular Microsoft Launcher app for Android with two new mobile experiences, currently in preview, that give parents more peace of mind for their family and a look at their child’s activity across their devices – Windows 10 PCs, Xbox One devices, and now their Android phone,Follow this link to learn ,how to add family members to your Microsoft account,With Microsoft Launcher installed on your family’s Android devices and a Microsoft family group of accounts set up, parents can:-

  • Stay up to date on kids whereabouts- At home and on the go, you can use Microsoft Launcher to get an update on your kids’ location and rest easier knowing they are safely where they should be. You can see your child’s (or children’s) last known location and time.
  • Be aware of which apps your kids are using- Check in on your kids app activity on their Android device, including which apps are accessed and time spent on each app. With Xbox One or a Windows 10 PC set up in your family portal, you can also view their activities on those devices through Microsoft Launcher.

With Microsoft Edge Browser,it gets very easy to block websites,This feature has now extended for android devices too,If you have set up a Microsoft family group, any websites you have already tagged as allowed or blocked for your kid(s) will carry the same settings as they try to access websites in Microsoft Edge on their Android devices,To turn web browsing limits on:-

  1. Goto Microsoft Family link and sign in with your Microsoft account. Then:-
  2. Find your child’s name and select Content restrictions.
  3. Scroll down to Web browsing and switch Block inappropriate websites from Off to On.
  4. If you want to always block specific sites, add their URLs under Always blocked.
  5. If you want your child to only see websites you’ve explicitly allowed, check the box next to Only allow these websites.

Microsoft has also announced MSN Kids , a curated news site created specifically for children in the elementary and middle school age group, Microsoft saw a need for a place for kids to learn about the world in a safe, trustworthy and fun environment. The site offers editorially curated, age-appropriate news and features from partner publishers such as Time for Kids, Popular Science, Sports Illustrated for Kids, National Geographic, and USA TODAY.

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