Microsoft adds new Visual search feature to Bing mobile app

Microsoft’s new intelligent visual search technology allows users to discover information about objects captured in images without having to pick and choose a handful of keywords to fit into a search box,The AI-powered visual search feature is available on Bing mobile apps,which makes searching more easy and convenient for the users,instead of inputting a keyword ,you can just snap a pic and perform your Search.

Vince Leung, product lead for Bing Images at Microsoft explained “Sometimes, it is almost impossible to describe what you want to search for using words,” For example, imagine hiking through a meadow and seeing a flower that you’ve never seen before. You want to know what it is and whether you can get it at your local garden store to plant at home. Bing’s Visual Search can help you identify and find more information from your snapshot of the flower.

The visual search feature in the Bing app (Android, iPhone) uses Microsoft’s computer vision algorithms, which are trained with datasets containing vast amounts of labeled images, as well as images from around the web. From the training images, the algorithms learn to recognize dogs from cats, for example, and roses from daisies,What’s more, the learning process is never done; the performance of the algorithms improves as they get more data.

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