Meet “Hello” the new version of Orkut

Hello is a Mobile app build for android and iOS that connects you with people and content around your passions,Enjoy an unexpected experience that lets you show the world who you are, express what you love, and create meaningful connections, explore over 1000+ communities and over 100+ interest based personas,discover personalized, fresh and relevant content based on your passions and interests,share your creations, ideas and experiences with communities of like minded people,have meaningful conversations in an open and friendly environment.

Hello Network, Inc. was founded by well-known social pioneer Orkut Buyukkokten (creator of and a small group of ex-Google engineers, After witnessing the evolution of social networking over the past 16 years, Orkut was inspired to help bring people together around their common interests — a vision that changes how the world does social,find interesting people who love the same things you do,be yourself and explore and share what you love! make new friends along the way.

If we go Some years back,Orkut was one of the most popular social network around the world,that offered people a medium to stay connected over the internet ,Orkut was founded by ‘Orkut Buyukkokten’,who is now the CEO of the hello app,the hello app is now available for India,the app was initially released in Brazil,where it aroused around 1 Million of downloads,the app was also tested in india ,where it showed a very positive outcome,hello offers a more explicit way for all its users to stay connected with like minded people who share similar interests.

Hello social network connects you with communities of people who share your interests, around the world and in your neighborhood,Make new friends when you join communities from over thousands of various interests,Meet people who love what you do, and discover interesting things people are sharing,hello is the next evolution of Join hello and find communities where you’ll make lifelong friends. It’s time to make social networking fun again,you can download the app directly by clicking on the link above,the app is available for android as well as iOS users.

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