Make your android phone Auto capture the image when someone tries to Unlock it Using Hidden eye app

Android phones are filled up with a lots of security features,lock your phone with a Pin code,Password or Pattern,also lock individual apps on your phone using various locker apps,these all will let you prevent in authorized access to your device,only the person entering the correct pin or password can access your device,However our device doesn’t tells us if some one else tried to unlock it using a wrong pin,pattern or password,Today we are introducing an app ‘Hidden eye’ this app will automatically capture the the image using your front camera when an attempt to unlock the device using wrong pin,password or pattern is incurred,this will let you know who tried to access your device using a wrong pin or password,it will let you spotlight the people,who are trying to get through your privacy.

Hidden eye apps works in complete silent and undetected mode,it captures the screen shot if the attempts to unlock the phone is not successful,no camera shows up on your screen and also no sound is played for capture,it just clicks the image and saves it which can be viewed,managed from with in the app itself.

How to configure the app:-

In order to configure this app,just download it from the Playstore,after successful install,Switch on the security status button,activate the app by granting it the required permissions,within the app you will have three options to act upon.

  1. Sound an alarm after three attempts,
  2. Alert me on notification bar,
  3. Show intruders on unlock.

Configure these options as per your wish,you can also click delete records to see and delete the records you don’t want to keep.

Once you start the app it runs in background and performs its tasks,The app will help you keeping a track of all the people who want to access your device,it is also recommended to keep changing your password every month,to ensure that no one is able to guess it.

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