Make free calls from SLIQ app and get Free Mobile recharges

Few days ago we introduced Data back app,This app offered us free Internet data for using various apps on our phone,Today we are introducing another app with a similar concept,The SLIQ app pays us cashback on the data consumed towards the call made using the app,That means you can make absolutely free calls using this App and all your data charges consumed towards the call will be credited back to your mobile balance as recharge,’SLIQ’ app lets us make free Voice calls over 2G/3G/4G or WiFi Networks,The apps has introduced absolutely free calling for indian users(Free recharges applicable only for Indian users) ,Users get free 10₹ upon their first call and once it gets consumed,user’s account is credited with another 10₹ as long as they keep using SLIQ.

The SLIQ app has a very simple and easy user interface,just download the app and open it,upon opening the app,you will have the options to invite your friends,invite your friends,to join the app and get free recharges for just calling them,The app in addition to free recharges also offers infotainment services like,Sports,Music,News,and entertainment,click on the third option from the bottom to explore this section.

Steps to begin:-

In order to start using this app,Just download it from the Playstore,upon downloading the app,open it and register using your mobile number,verify your number using ‘otp’ and invite your friend(s) to start using the app,once your friends join up the app,make a three minute call and get free 10 ₹ Mobile recharge upon call completion

Step1Download app and provide your number for signup,

Step2-Click Submit,verify the number and Watchout the instructions,

Step3-Save a friend’s number in phone contact and Invite the friend ,once they signup, make at least 3 minute call,(Audio or video)

Step4-Upon call completion both the parties will get free 10₹ Mobile recharge,instantly or within 24 Hours in maximum.

Now just download the app and start using the app,This app is supported by ads as the users will grow,the ad frequency will also enhance,currently when you make a call,you will hear an ad instead of the Dialtone,Upon 3 minutes completion,you will get a notice in the app,’3 Minutes completed’ at this point you became eligible for your free recharge and you can disconnect the call now,Free recharges are not applicable if the call is made using WiFi.



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