Make Absolutely free calls to any Mobile/Landine Phone Using POPTOX

Introducing a new free calling site ‘Poptox’,Poptox let’s us make free calls to any mobile or landline phone in any country,without the need for any payment or download,and not even any signup,you just need to head to the site,select the country,input the number and make the call,Poptox offers excellent call quality,Talking about most of the other free call services ,which offer free calling only when the other party has the same app installed while POPTOX offers free calling to any mobile,landline in any country,irrespective of whether other party is using the same service or not,Poptox doesn’t requires us,to install any app or download any plugin,you just need a web browser to access the services.

Poptox covers all the countries of the world A to Z,It offers free calling for a limited time call duration and a limited number of calls,you can waive off the limit by signing up for an account at Poptox and adding money to your account,The website doesn’t offers any ads,The cost for the service of free users is covered with the portion of profit generated by the paid users.

Steps to make free call:-

To Begin making the free call just head to the site POPTOX,on right hand side you will see a ‘Mobile phone’ along with the number keys,from the drop down select a country and input 10 digit number from the dial pad shown,after you input the number Click on the ‘Call’ button,allow Mic permission and you will see on the screen ‘Phone ringing’,the call will get connected as soon as the other party answers you call,the call duration will be for a limited time only,you can re-call the same number once your call gets disconnected.

image image

Additional details:-

  • Calling is supported on With Google Chrome and Opera Browsers,
  • The call duration will be only for a limited time duration,
  • Their is also a limited for number of free calls that can be made in a day,
  • No need to download any app,Perform signup or Provide any payment info to make a free call,
  • ‘Mic’ is required on your PC to initiate and make the free call.

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