Make a Personalized home screen for your android phone with the new Android Taste test tool

Android users have various options to customize their phone’s screen using various launchers,icon pack and widgets,These these simple tools you can produce a great interface out of you device,But if you have an idea of exactly what you want Here’s something more you can try out to make your device more personalized,We are talking about the new android taste test tool,The android taste test tools helps users device a personalized home screen for their phone ,Under My android taste test you need to answer a set of rapid fire questions,Like your preferences and taste,upon completing this you get download links for the apps which fit as per your preferences,create an overall effect from the apps you get.

With this users can experience an incredible interface and design on their android phones,making their phone’s screen look the way they want,so here are the steps to quick use this tool and get a personalized home screen for your phone.

  • Initially head to My android Taste Test and click on the ‘Find My match’ button,
  • Upon clicking this you will reach the android taste test page,On this page read the instructs and click on the ‘Let’s Go’ Option,
  • Now you will have questions like Color scheme-Multi color or Mono chromatic, appeal as Vibrant muted keep answering the questions as per your choice,
  • Finally upon answering all the questions,you will have the result.

Now all you need to do is to click on the ‘Get your look’ drop down arrow,There you will get the download links for your wallpaper,launcher,Keyboard app,Download the apps and start personalizing,All is not done here,Once you download the respective apps,you need to go through each app,to get the exact look you want.

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