Livescore audio-An app for cricket lovers

Live score audio an app with a unique pattern to get us all the sports information on the go,it provides both visual ,real time events alerts,along with audio alerts to keep us Upto date with all the scores,this app will fit best for frequent travellers ,people who are too busy or don’t have time to look at mobile device again and again.

This app is capable of providing real time audio alerts for all the sports activities,it covers all the major elements during a match like:Boundaries,Dismissals,Player milestones,innings score,as well as match results,the app let’s us customize alerts as per our preferences.
In addition to all the cricket,this app also supports alerts for football matches from around the world,alerts range from goals,penalties ,red cards to the overall match results,this app is available for free for both Android and ios users.

Download Link:-Playstore/ios

App features:-

  1. The app covers All the score updates from the latest world cup 2015 ,you can’t miss any of the event in match now,
  2. You can choose to get the real time audio,visual updates for your favorite cricket or soccer events,the alerts can be configured as per your wish,
  3. Specify and set the time zone you wish the app to use,irrespective of where your are,
  4. Add your favorite leagues and teams without any signup,this app consumes minimum internet,battery and time,
  5. Get all the details and information for live as well as current matches.

This light weight app will definitely,help you a lot saving your time and getting all the necessary updates on the go,the app is very user friendly,you can configure it as per your wants.

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