Lastpass app now free for Smart Phone and PC users

A well known password manager app ‘Lastpass’ is now free for Smart phone and PC users,the services are absolutely free now,you just need a premium upgrade in case you want to sync unlimited across all your devices,this is a great option for mobile device users who were looking for a free password manager,users can download,signup and get started on their windows,android or ios phones,Last pass is also free for desktop users,but you need to choose one,if you wish to use it on both mobile and PC,the same will be chargeable.

The whole idea,is to ensure that the software is accessible for all the users,the users who wish to sync unlimited between pc and mobile need to become a premium member,the premium membership is offered for just 12$ per year,this offers priority customer support,access to shared folder and other features.

So in total the free users can Enjoy last pass on unlimited Desktop,Mobile or tablets,improve their online security,manage the site logins,centralize all the data at a single place,streamline shopping by saving the form data,Browse,download,view and store hassle free.

Download from here

Once downloaded signup for your account,using email and create a master password,then open up the app and store all your login details,for quick logins,now you can create the strongest password for you security and never worry to forget or remember them.


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