Just Download Zippr app and get a free Car sticker,Refer friends to get a free Tshirt

Introducing Zipper app,Zippr is an address finder app that helps us finding an address using short ‘Zippr’ codes,The Zippr code helps us managing places in a very unique and easy manner,The code can be easy shared via message,orally or via other apps,The app will help us in getting directions to our favorite places and locations,making everything much easy and convenient,using the app you can get a cab to your exact location,get fast access to emergency services,shop online,make your shopping more delightful and pleasing,the app offers following features.

Zippr app features:-

  • Simplify addresses with short codes:-Create a 4 digits and 4 alphabetical address code to make remembering and communication easy,the code will shorten the address and will act as a reference for long address.
  • Save all relevant places:-The app helps us collecting data for all the relevant and frequently visited places,this makes it more users friendly and much faster,time saving.
  • Easy finding and sharing of addresses:-With Zippr you can easily find and share any location,no need to explain any long address ,Just sharing the code will make it up,you can also share with non app users,zippr also offers a web platform.
  • Easy access to services:-Various brands and portal are using Zippr,For offering us easy shopping,food and cab services,leaving us with wide variety products and choices.

Steps to earn:-

Download Zippr and signup,Once you signup at the app and add up your address,you will get free 30₹ as joining bonus,in addition to this if you want to earn more,just refer friends and get 25₹ for each referral,To earn 30₹ just create a zippr,once you create it,you will earn 30₹ redeemable towards various products,The steps are signing up,Creating a zipper,referring friends and redeeming rewards.

Step1-Download the app and click register :

Step2-Provide name,email and set a password and click next:-

Step3-Turn GPS,Select city,Create a zippr and earn 30₹:-


Step4:-Provide address and other details:-

Once you get 30₹ you can redeem it towards car sticker worth 25₹,explore rewards from rewards store under the menu option,click on any item and provide details to view it and place order.

Or refer friends and get 25₹ for each referral,you will earn 25₹ once your friend downloads the app using your referral and signups for his/her account.
imageIn the app’s menu ,you can Create Zipprs,Invite friends,explore the zippr store,View zipprs,request zippr,connect with support and share the app,The menu is accessible from left topbar clicking on the three lines at the top.



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