Just download doormint app and get freecharge 10 Rs freefund code also get 50 Rs code for using the app

Doormint is an informative app that let’s us locate services in our area,it let’s us make use of the latest technology to save our time as well as efforts,doormint app is currently limited to Mumbai regions only,using this app users can look for Electrician,Plumber,Carpenter,Painter,repairers, or pest controls.

In order to use this app,just download it from Playstore install and signup,click on any of the options,for example plumber,you will see various sub options,like bathroom,blockage,or other repairs,choose one and provide your address or select any saved address,and confirm your booking.

How to get freecharge voucher:-
In order to get the freecharge voucher download and register at the app,verify your number with otp and then choose your location,finally check your email’s inbox,you will get a message as follows,specifying that you will get 10 Rs freecharge voucher in few hours,and 50 Rs voucher if you book a service.

Additional details:-
1)Freecharge voucher can be redeemed directly for recharge or add to your credits,
2)The offer cannot be clubbed with other offer,
3)Offer available only for a limited time,
4)10 Rs voucher for registration and 50 for booking .

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