Introducing the World’s First batter free cell phone

Introducing the world’s first battery free mobile phone,this cell phone works without any battery,the cell phone uses exiting infrastructure for making the calls,A group of students from Paul G.Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering have developed this mobile phone,which doesn’t requires any battery for its functioning,the developers say that the phone consumes round about zero power,the Phone is capable of transferring and receiving voice data.

The cellphone can also make skype calls ,with all of these amazing features its still very difficult to believe that the phone draws almost zero power,the phone is however not absolutely powerless,it requires around 3.5 microwatts of power in order to maintain its functioning,The primary reason for less power consumption is because the cellphone using ambient wireless signals as a primary method to communicate with other devices.

The existing smartphones have a different approach,they convert analogue signals to digital signal ,which requires a lot of power to do so,by eliminating this process,the battery-free cell phone brings down the power consumption to a very low level.

The battery-free device prototype is built using commercial-off-the-shelf components on a printed circuit board, It can operate on power that is harvested from RF signals transmitted by a basestation 31 feet (9.4 m) away, Further, using power harvested from ambient light with tiny photodiodes,the video below shows a Skype call made using the battery-free phone over a cellular network, via custom bridged basestation, This is a major leap in the capability of battery-free devices and a step towards a fully functional battery-free cellphone.

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