Internet tips/tricks:Gmail smart reply,Block someone who blocked you on facebook and more

Internet is a very vast ocean of knowledge with unlimited information and resources,using internet we can perform anything and everything,all we need is to look for our query and internet gets us thousands of ways to address that query,their are various features and capabilities which may be unknown to us,with this post we will try to uncover some of the hidden tips,tweaks that will prove very helpful for us,the tips along with necessary details are as follows,Get more out of internet this post covers various tips and tricks that are latest in news,with this post we will try to cover all the tech and tips,tricks that will help us getting the best out of the internet and help us stand ahead of others.


1)Gmail Smart Reply feature:-Gmail has introduced a new Feature in its ‘Inbox by Gmail‘ app,This feature is very effective in sending a quick response to an email,It suggests three quick replies based on the email we receive,for example if you get a query regarding Product info,it will show three possible replies,I Will send you,I will have to look for it or i don’t have it,just select one and it gets added,it also works to make predictions more accurate by learning your responses,this feature will roll out within this week in the inbox by Gmail app.

2)Check if someone else is using your internet without permission:-Wireless network watcher is a free program that let’s us check if someone else is connected to our network,just open up the software and let it scan for all the devices connected,once you get a list of devices connected,identify the once that belong to you and turn off other devices that don’t belong to you,you can check back several times,whenever you experience a slow speed.

3)Block someone who already blocked you on facebook:-Talking about internet,how can we miss out facebook,We already know that if someone blocks us on facebook,we cannot access his/her profile,so we cannot block that person,but using this small trick you can also block the person who blocked you on facebook,just like you can do on what’s app,To do this just head to this link and type the name of person who blocked you,click block button,you will get the results,the result will include the people who blocked you too ,click block besides the profile you want to block.

4)Find information about an image:-Get complete information about an image,like the camera used,date of capture,flash exposure and so on to capture using Exif viewer online tool,to use this tools just head to this link and upload your image from PC or web,all the information regarding the image will display,this tool will be very useful for gaining information about the image from different aspects,you can also refer image properties directly for some sort of similar info.

5)Google hangout Ponystream:-Get running horses animation on google handout,this trick will work on both Mobile and PC while chatting on google hangout just type a message /ponystream and send ,the receiver will not receive any message,but you will have running unicorns within your hangout chat screen,you can run hangout while logging in at gmail from your pc or by simply opening hangout app in your phone,type slash ponystream without any spaces and send.

Now just practice and enjoy all the tricks,more internet tips and tricks will be added up in coming days.

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