Instapaper App Premium Features are now free for all the users

Instapaper,is a Read it later app similar to the Pocket app posted yesterday on our website,The app lets us store articles offline,to make them convenient reading anywhere on the go,Instapaper offers perfect text view convenient for mobile as well as tablet users,Everything you save gets downloaded to your device available offline for reading without any internet connection.Instapaper app’s premium version is now available free of cost for all the users,just download the app,and signup for your account,premium features will be auto activated for your account.

Instapaper app’s premium version delivers some of the amazing features for its users,Like Full text search,That means searching for texts in your complete library including the archived files,No limit on the number of notes,you can save unlimited number of notes,Text to speech features lets us listen to the texts, and also lets us creating a playlist of saved articles,Get access to Speedy reading with unlimited access.

How to Use:-

To begin using the Instapaper app,Just download it from the Playstore or App store ,install the app and signup for your account,login and start saving the pages,you can save the pages clicking on the share option on your mobile ,and to save from PC just visit this link and add the Bookmarklet to your browser,saved pages can be accessed directly from the app.

Now just download and start using Instapaper,enjoy all the premium features free of cost,the mobile app is available for Both iOS and android users.


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