Instagram app for android now offers offline mode

Instagram has over 80% of its users outside US,With lack of regular connectivity in some countries and cities the offline feature gets a necessity to ensure complete content access for the users ,Aiming to offer a better user experience ,instagram android app users can now browse instagram app offline without any active data connection,with this users without an active data plan can also browse Instagram app you just need to offer an internet connection in the app whenever you want the data to get refreshed and synchronized.

This feature for Instagram app offline browsing lets users browse the content, downloaded in the feed with a data connection,the app offers users the ability to like,save,share ,comment on posts ,unfollow people while you are offline all the changes will be synced when you get online the next time,this offers great convenience to the users to perform all the in app activities without an active data connection.

In addition to this the profiles you visit,are also available as a cached version,this new feature from instagram will definitely prove very helpful for the users in developing countries where people cannot get regular internet connectivity,this feature is currently available only for instagram app across the android platform other platforms may get these features rolled out in the coming days.

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