Idea cellular VoLTE is now available for all circles-With Free 30 GB data offer

Idea VoLTE is the revolutionary service that enables you to experience HD quality voice with faster call setup time and reduced background noise, providing you with an unmatched sound clarity on Voice Calls,Idea has now launched VoLTE services in Himachal Pradesh, Odisha, Assam, North East Service Area (NESA) and Jammu & Kashmir, expanding its VoLTE presence across all its 20 4G circles,As part of the launch offer, Idea is giving 30 GB free data to its VoLTE users, Customers will get 10 GB data on making the first VoLTE call, additional 10 GB on giving feedback on the service after 4 weeks, and another 10 GB on giving feedback after 8 weeks.

VoLTE feature shall be auto activated for all eligible Idea subscribers,with a supported handset You can also activate it by sending an SMS “ACT VOLTE” to 12345, Idea cellular is also offering free 30 GB promotional data for VoLTE users on Idea network,the free data break down is as follows:-

  1. In order to avail the First free 10 GB data, Idea users need to Switch to the idea VoLTE network,and make their first VoLTE call using the idea VoLTE network ,after which the free data will get credited to the user’s idea number within 48 hours,
  2. Next Additional 10 GB will be credited upon giving the Feedback regarding Idea VoLTE, after 4 weeks of use,
  3. And the Final 10 GB data will be credited upon giving the Feedback regarding Idea VoLTE, after 8 weeks of use.

Following are the Pre Activation Requisite for Idea 4G VoLTE:-

  • Handset should be among the compatible VoLTE devices,
  • Handset software should be updated,
  • VoLTE Switch should be enabled on the device,
  • Must have Idea 4G SIM,
  • Your Circle must be under an idea VolTE supported region.

Leading smartphone brands Samsung, Xiaomi, Vivo, OnePlus, Nokia, Asus, Kult, Panasonic, Honor and Huawei which cater to 75% of the mobile market in India have already released the first Idea VoLTE patch on their popular devices, The future models of these brands will come with Idea VoLTE patch embedded in them,To experience Idea VoLTE services, customers need to follow these steps:-

  1. Insert Idea 4G SIM in Slot 1,
  2. Update the Handset Software-Android Devices: Settings -> System Update -> Download & Install Manually,
  3. Switch on the VoLTE Button,
  4. Make the First VoLTE Call.

Mr. Sashi Shankar, Chief Marketing Officer, Idea Cellular said, “With the completion of last phase of VoLTE roll out, Idea is now the only operator to offer pan India integrated 2G, 3G, 4G** and VoLTE services. Through our collaboration with 10 leading device brands, which cover 75% of the smartphone market, we will cater to our growing base of VoLTE users across the country.”

Idea VoLTE calls will be charged as per the customer’s existing voice plan / pack and would not consume any data,Even after data pack is over, VoLTE calls will continue as usual also Active data connection is not required for using VoLTE. However network auto mode (4G/3G/2G) must be selected and Customer’s existing plan will support all the VoLTE services.

Idea 4G VoLTE offers features like- High Definition voice calling,Faster call connection time – calls will connect faster in almost half the time it takes to connect on a 2G/3G network,Seamless switch between Voice & Video calls during an ongoing call,Simultaneously calling and data browsing at 4G speeds,Along with above, call management services like call forwarding, call waiting, call hold and call line identification/restriction are also offered.

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