HQ Trivia app is now available for android users-Play to win real money

The official HQ Trivia app set to release for android on 1st Jan 2018 is finally out ,users can now download the app from the Google playstore,This app will run on android 5.1 and above phones,In the app players can participate in the live trivia game show daily at 9:00 PM EST and 3:00 PM EST during weekdays,During its availability for iOS initially, the app became extremely popular with thousands of people playing each game,the number will definitely rise now,with its availability for the android platform.

In the game,each day their are multiple number of trivia games,which are hosted by real human beings,when a round is about to begin,users receive a push notification for reminding them to get ready to play,As the game begins users are asked various questions,once a question is asked ,users get seconds time to answer it,if you answer wrong,you get eliminated and if correct,if move to a harder question,on the next level.

Users are asked total 12 trivia questions,if you get a single question wrong,you will get eliminated,If you answer all the 12 questions correctly,you win a part of game’s real prize money,which is split among everyone who answer all the 12 questions correctly,The prizes amount varies for each game,You can download the app directly from the Link below,the app is currently listed as unreleased thus users may encounter some problems or bugs in this phrase.

What has raised the popularity of this game is the real prize money,if you can go on till the end of game,you will surely win a real prize money,which is transferable to your Paypal account,the minimum threshold for withdrawal is 20$,once a user accumulates at least 20$,he/she can transfer the amount to his/her paypal account, which can also be then transferred to your bank account.

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