How to use hidden scientific calculator on iPhone

Apple teams design the best products, with the most innovative displays, chips, cameras, operating systems and services. But just as important, the teams collaborate so that all the components of iPhone work together efficiently and beautifully, iPhone apps help you be more creative. Do the things you’re passionate about. And elevate your everyday experience.

iPhones are made with exceptional materials, like surgical-grade stainless steel, aerospace-grade aluminium and the most durable glass. As a result, iPhone lasts longer and holds a much higher percentage of its value. Which is why so many older devices go to friends and family instead of landfills and that’s the best form of recycling there is.

Your iPhone has a secret hidden calculator ,you can unlock it using a simple procedure ,This involves turning your simple calculator into a scientific calculator. In addition to using a calculator on your iPhone, you can also ask ‘siri’ to perform various calculations. with this trick you can turn the normal calculator on your iPhone into a scientific calculator.

So lets start with the simple process to use the scientific calculator on your iPhone,the steps involve rotating the display of your iPhone,you might have already used it.

  • Head over to the normal calculator app and open it,
  • Once the app gets opened, rotate your iPhone from Portrait to landscape mode,
  • The normal calculator app will automatically switch into a scientific calculator app, that will let you perform various scientific calculations.

These simple steps will let you easily perform scientific calculations on your iPhone, one more thing to be noted is, the portrait orientation lock should be disabled on your iPhone in order to ensure that the screen rotation feature works on your phone.

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