How to Setup your name Caller tune for your Mobile number-Activation Procedure for all Operators

Name callertune is different from the normal callertunes,This tune announces your name whenever someone calls you ,instead of a song,you can set the name as your caller tune ,the charges for name caller tunes are same as normal caller tune,the procedure to activate name caller tune are different for different operators,with this post ,we are covering the process to activate name caller tune for your number,as per various mobile operators.

The Procedure to activate Name caller tune for various operators are as follows,refer the details as per your respective operator in order to activate name caller tune for your number.

♦ Airtel

Set your name as your hello tune for your airtel number,you just need to visit the link below and search for your name,preview the tune and activate it on the spot,you can also activate the caller tune offline,follow the steps below.

Subscription charges:-Content fee ₹15.00 /90 days,Hello tune Subscription charges ₹30/ 30 days,Album content fee ₹30/90 days.

  • To activate the Name tune Online Click here,and input your name in the box,and click search,
  • Once you get the result ,click on the play button to preview the tone,
  • Once you select a tone,click on the Get option besides the tone,
  • Provide your Mobile number and Verify it ,follow the steps and set the tune.

You can also activate it offline by sending NT (space) NAME to 54321 (toll free) and the service will be activated within 2 working days.

♦ Vodafone

To set your name as caller tune on your Vodafone number you can either search for name following the procedure below or add you name to the Vodafone Caller tune library by sending an sms,follow the procedure below.

Subscription Charges:-₹36 monthly rental,Selection charges ₹15.

  • Initially head to This link,from your browser,input your name and click on the search option,
  • Preview the tune by clicking on the play button,Once you finalize a tune,Click on the ‘Set now’ option,
  • Provide your Vodafone number and Confirm the Pin in order to activate the tune.

In order to activate the name Caller tune offline ,Vodafone users need to send an sms  “NAME <Your Name>” to 55455 (toll free),Your name will be created & your Callertune will be set after 5 working days. (excluding Sunday)

♦ Aircel

Set you own name caller tune on aircel,In order to activate name tune service on aircel ,users just need to dial a USSD code from their mobile and then follow the instructions for activation of name tune service.

Subscription charges:-₹35/30 Days,Song charges – ₹15/90 Days

  • Initially dial *578# from your aircel mobile,
  • Then locate the ‘Search ur name’ option and dial the number accordingly,
  • On the next screen input your name,
  • Select the name and activate the dialer tune.

♦ Docomo

In order to activate your name caller tune on Docomo ,you just need to send an sms in the following format,to search for your name,once you get the results,you can activate the tune.

Subscription Charges:-New User:₹50, Validity 30 Days,Existing User:₹20,Validity 60 Day.

  • Head to your Phone’s Message Box and select the create message option,
  • In the message type “N Name” and send it to 578784 (Toll-Free), example N Akash,
  • Once you send this sms ,you will get a confirmation message regarding activation,
  • Reply with 1 on the same number to confirm your activation.


Activate your Name call me tune on BSNL and greet your caller with a personalized touch,in order to activate the name tune service on BSNL ,just following the following procedure.

Monthly subscription:-₹30,Song selection: ₹ 12

  • Goto your phone’s message inbox and select the create message option,
  • In the message type ‘NT Your Name‘ and send it to 56777 ,Example: SMS NT Raju to 56777 (TOLLFREE).
  • Once you send this message,you will get a confirmation message,regarding the activation.

♦ Idea cellular

Activate your name caller tune online for your idea mobile number just follow the simple procedure below,you need to search for the name,confirm it and activate the dialer tune on you idea number.

Subscription charges:-Any new user will be charged a monthly rental ₹39 for the service which will include the first selection at no additional charge.

  • Initially head to This link ,and select the “Name tune” option from the right side,on the site,
  • In the box input your name and click on the search option,
  • You can preview a name by clicking on the play option,
  • Once finalized,click on the set option,provide your number and follow the instructions to activate the tune.

♦ Reliance

You can easily activate a name tune on your reliance number by simply heading to the Reliance My tunes website and searching for your name,follows the steps as mentioned below.

Subscription charges:-₹15/Tune, Rental ₹ 30/month.

  • Initially head to This link,on your Browser,in the search box input your name,
  • Preview a tune by clicking on the play option,
  • Once you select a song ,Click on the + sign to activate it ,
  • Provide your number,verify it and activate the tune.

The deactivation procedure for caller tunes is same for all the operators,users simply need to dial 155223  (Toll-free) from their mobile number or send an sms ,type STOP and send it to 155223 (Toll-free).

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