How to Set a FREE ‘Buzy tune’ for your Vodafone number

Vodafone has introduced a new Service for its users, ‘Buzy tunes’ ,also known as ‘Profile tunes’,These tunes are very useful in case you are buzy and are not able to receive the calls,these tunes set a pre recorded message which plays when someone calls you ,you can select a tune for various occasions like:-Sleeping,Holiday,Meeting,Playing,Movie,Dinner,traveling etc the same will be played when someone will call you.

These caller tunes can be set for a time duration as per your choice you can set it for just 1 hour or upto a maximum of 15 days,after which the tune gets auto deactivated,you can activate a Buzy tune again once it gets deactivated,you can also deactivate a tune or manage them any time from the ‘My tunes’ section in the app,Profile tunes are available in various languages like Hindi,English,Marathi,Bengali,Punjabi etc,Follow the steps below to activate a free Buzy tune for your number:-

  1. Initially Download the Vodafone caller tune app on your mobile,
  2. In the app input your mobile number,and wait for the OTP detection, (You can also manually input the OTP)
  3. Once logged in the the app Goto the “Profile tunes” section and click on any of the tune listed,
  4. Once you click any tune,It will start playing for the preview,
  5. Click on the Drop Down icon Right below the image in order to change the language,
  6. Set the time duration for which you want to activate the tune,
  7. Once you have finalized the language as well as the time duration , click on the ‘Set‘ button below and activate the free tune,you can activate it for ‘All callers’ or ‘Special callers’ as per your need.

Upon activation ,you will receive a confirmation message for successful activation,this service is available free of cost ,and is applicable only for Vodafone users in India,you can deactivate this tune any time follow the steps below in order to deactivate the tune:-

  • Head to the Vodafone caller tune app and scroll horizontally to the ‘My tunes’ tab,
  • Here you will see your activated tune,
  • Click on the delete icon and confirm deactivation ,in order to deactivate the tune.

If you face any problem while deactivating the caller tune,you need to head over to Settings > Application > Vodafone caller tune, and clear data ,cache and then Re-open the Vodafone caller tune app,Login and follow the steps above in order to deactivate the tune.

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