How to send web pages directly from android phone to Windows 10 PC

WIndows 10 since its ‘Fall creators’ update,offer a new feature for the users to link their phone to PC,using this amazing feature users can link their android phone to PC and can share the web pages directly from mobile to PC,to view a webpage on a bigger and wider screen,this feature is available for all the major browser apps on android,the Web pages will open up on the edge browser on your PC.

Users also have a choice to either open the URL directly or ‘Continue later’ ,the continue later option sends the URL under the notifications on your Windows 10 PC,which can be accessed any time as per the convenience.

To begin,the first thing that users need to do is to link their phone to PC,linking your phone to PC is very simple on Windows 10 ,once the phone gets linked,you can share the web pages directly to your PC,lets have a look at Step by Step instructions,in order to perform this.

Steps to link your Phone to PC-

  • In order to link your Phone to PC,you need to initially head over to Settings on your PC,
  • Press Windows key > Settings and from here select the “Phone” option,
  • Next click on ‘Add a phone’ option and wait for a few seconds,
  • Now select your country and input your Mobile number,click send,
  • Finally Click on the link received on your phone and download the Edge browser,
  • Once downloaded,login using your Microsoft account on the Edge browser in your phone.

Sending a Webpage to PC-

  • Once your have performed the above steps,your phone will get linked to your PC,
  • To send a webpage,Open the ‘EDGE browser’ on phone and open any webpage,once you open a page,
  • Click on the Send icon at the bottom of the page (as shown below) and select the PC,in order to send the webpage to your PC.

Once you send a webpage to PC,using this “Continue on PC” feature ,the webpage will automatically open up on your computer’s Edge browser and will also appear under the notifications panel.

If you use any other browser on your phone,like ‘Google Chrome’,then Just download this app on your Phone and Upon downloading ,browse normally on Chrome,in order to send a web page to PC,click on Menu > Share > Continue on PC,as long as ‘Microsoft apps’ will be installed on your Phone,you can apply this feature,with other browsers on your phone.

So With the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and later, you can now easily forward the links from phone to your PC, you can continue whatever stuff you’re doing – researching that project, shopping for those black shoes, finishing that essay – with all the benefits of the bigger screen,if you have Windows 10 but can’t find the ‘Phone’ option under settings ,Then head to the settings page on your PC and click update ,to update your Windows 10 to the latest version.

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