How to Send Text/Voice Messages on What’s app without opening What’s app

Today we are going to share a very useful trick to send messages on whats app without actually opening the app,using Google assistant app,Voice assistants have become very popular in today’s era people instead of typing in messages or using their phone, prefer to offer commands to their phones and get their tasks done,Using the features in the Google app ,users can send Text or Voice messages to any of their contacts using the Google assistant app,You can ask the Google app to record and send a message on What’s app follow the simple procedure below.

Users can also set up Google Voice detection to Work from any screen on their phone from Settings > Voice > Ok Google option,This feature is applicable only for the android devices running on android 6.0 or above,follow the simple step by step procedure as below to compose and send a voice/text message on What’s app using Google assistant.

Step 1

Initially Update the Google app to the latest version on your phone,you can Update the app from here,follow the link to the Playstore and click to the Update button the app will start updating.

Step 2

Next open the Google app and click on the Mic button ,and When you See the listening option on your screen speak the command for your message ,refer the examples below.

Step 3

Once you see ‘listening’ on your screen ,speak any of the following commands ,like,’Ok Google Send a Message to Abc’ where Abc is the contact name,the assistant will ask you ,whether you want to send the message via what’s app or sms app,Speak the app name and dictate your message.

You can also use the commands as follows-

  • OK Google Send a Voice message to Andrew on WhatsApp,
  • OK Google Send a message on WhatsApp,

Once you say the command the Assistant will ask you to dictate the message and the message will be send as you finish the instructions,This feature works for sending the message to individual contacts,Group messages are not supported for now,Before a message is sent users can Preview ,Edit or cancel it as per the requirements.

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