How to send Fax from Outlook using ‘CocoFax’

Most people think of fax as a pretty old thing as fax has its origins from a long time ago. But still, there are many who are aware of its importance and the favorable position it has above others, Definitely these people admire fax a good deal but this admirable excellence is limited due to many obstacles. One of the main obstacles is the discomfort to hold and utilize huge place-consuming fax machines and all other add-ons involved to send and receive a fax, For easement, the entire process of delivering faxes has been simplified with the use of modern technology, In this article, you will get to find out about a new way through which you can easily send and receive faxes from Outlook. And there is more than one way to do that. Also, you can use different devices for the purpose, computer, laptop, etc.

Fax merged into Outlook

In spite of the fact that it might look impossible to achieve faxing services through outlook,now It is just a matter of time before you start using Outlook to transfer your faxes,And don’t forget that it is a relatively cost effective affair to fax without having to pay for all the big machinery that costs a lot. More than that, you do not have to spend on paper as well as toner that was required in the previous days when faxing was done through fax machines.

CocoFax allows you to send fax from outlook within seconds. It is the fax service aims to offer reliability, security and speed for a task, You will be truly amazed when you know the wonders of the technology.

CocoFax has provided a new look to fax through outlook with its unique features. Even the simplest of procedures need some requirements to work on, here are some quick highlights regarding the process:-

  • As the name ‘Outlook Fax’ suggests, you need to have an outlook id, if you want to use it’s fax services. This is a must-have and you need it before anything else. If you do not have one, then head over to your web browser and create an outlook account.
  • Secondly, the device which you want to use for faxing purposes must have internet, connected to it. Furthermore, the device should have an outlook app installed. The outlook app works on the internet, hence you will need an internet connection for sure.
  • If you want to use CocoFax services to fax from outlook, then you will certainly need a CocoFax account. Click here to go to CocoFax, you can easily get one within seconds.
  • Lastly, a fax number is essential for faxing whether you are faxing from fax machines or using any kind of fax services.

How to fax from Outlook using CocoFax services?

There are just some simple steps that you need to follow in order to fax through outlook using CocoFax,As it is clear, there are no hard and fast rules for using CocoFax. Hence, it is an easy way to send and receive faxes from outlook.

  • Step 1: As mentioned in the above text, the CocoFax account is a must-have. If you do not own one, you can easily create one by opening CocoFax official website. You can either choose a subscription plan or choose to check CocoFax out first by availing the 30-day free trial.

    Having an account through the free trial is totally free of cost, it costs not even a cent. you will also be provided with a free fax number. Along with being free, this fax number is also custom-built. Yes, you make it yourself on CocoFax. Through this feature, you can choose a fax number for yourself which you think suits you the best,You will also be asked to provide the outlook email id that you are going to use for faxing in the future.

  • Step 2: Next thing, you have to open your outlook account on the device you use. To send new fax, compose a new outlook mail and fill out all the fields,Starting with the ‘To’ field, the fax address of the recipient comes here. Fax address contains a fax number followed by ‘’. Secondly, there is the ‘Subject’ field, which contains the note that comes at the top of your fax. It is an optional field, you can leave it empty too. In the email body, write the text that you wish to write on the first page of your faxing document.

    Then there comes the main fax document. Attach the document you want to fax to your email. Your document can have the following formats, png, xls, jpg, doc, xlsx, docx, etc. Yes, you read it write, you can fax pictures too using ‘CocoFax’,Once you have completed all the necessary things, you can now send your fax.
CocoFax does the remaining work. It converts your email into a fax and then sends it to the relative fax number. After this, CocoFax also notifies you through email,All your faxes appear in your online dashboard. You can access them from there. Follow the steps above in order to avail the services,you can avail a 30 days free trial and thereafter the pricing starts from 5.99$ per month.

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