How to resume broken downloads in opera mini

Though uc mini is one of the,best browser for downloading files ,with resume support,and high speed ,multiple download request,but

People tend to use opera mini because of its unmatchable,browsing interface ,
Browsing with opera it feels ,silly to change the browser just to download the files
Using this simple trick we can bypass this restriction

Note:-This trick will work only with phones that support minimizing apps probably Android,symbian,
Java is not an option

To use this trick
View steps below

    • Firstly start a download at opera mini let it download ,now if the download stops ,don’t try to restart or resume it ,

    • Simply minimize the browser and locate the file after locating the file rename it ex from to

    • Now restart the download the moment it begins pause it and minimize opera

    • Locate the file and you get two files rename the current file to any  other name and the file you renamed previously back to its original name Done now open opera and resume download ,it will begin where it stopped last time

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