How to Reset lost Admin password on Windows 10 ,8 and 7 PC

Did you forgot your Computer’s password ? in case you forget your password ,you will not be able to access your computer unless you enter the correct and valid password,but their are various methods which the users can try out in order to reset their lost windows password,without having to recall the current password,today we are going to discuss about two different software using which users can perform the process of password reset on their PC without the requirement for any technical skills.

A. Using NT password Live

NT password is one of the most common and effective program ,you can use for the process of password reset on your PC,follow the step by step process below in order to reset your lost/forgotten password on your Windows PC.

  1. Head to to this website from another computer and Download the ISO image of the program,Upon download burn the image to a flash drive or a CD/DVD,
  2. Connect the USB drive to your locked computer, Power on the machine and make the CD or USB drive to boot first,
  3. Once the Flash drive/CD Boots you will have various options on your PC under a command prompt menu,

  4. Type the digits and locate the drive in which your Operating system is installed,
  5. Now select the option “Edit User data and passwords” and under this option select 1 which shows “Clear (blank) user password”

Once done,this process will set your password to blank and you can login to your Computer without entering any password,in case you have multiple user accounts,you can follow the same procedure in order to reset the password for each of the individual user.

B. Using Saver Win

The above mentioned method may be effective but it will not work with Microsoft/Domain accounts,so you need to use a software like Saverwin,this software will help you remove the password from your PC no matter if you are using a Local account or a Microsoft account,Follow the steps below in order to use this.

  1. Download the software from this link from a working computer,
  2. Launch the program and select “Burn USB” for a flash drive or “Burn CD/DVD” in order to create a recovery disk,
  3. The Program will format your Flash drive and save the recovery files in it,so you need to backup your flash drive’s data before using it,
  4. Once the recovery drive is created, you need to insert the Flash drive or CD into the PC which needs recovery and enter the Bios menu,and select it to boot from the Saver win disk.

Now as the Win saver program starts up ,it will show up the administrator accounts on your PC,select any username and click on the “Reset password” option,and that’s all with just a single click ,the password will be deleted from your PC and you can access it without the need for any password.

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