How to Recover and view deleted What’s app messages

What’s app offers users Simple, Reliable Messaging,Message your friends and family for free, WhatsApp uses your phone’s Internet connection to send messages so you can avoid SMS fees,What’s app is testing and introducing many new features in its app frequently from time to time,one of the latest one is sending money directly from the app,few month ago What’s app rolled out a “Delete for Everyone” feature for all its users ,which offers them the ability to delete/revoke back a sent message within seven minutes of sending it,this is definitely an amazing and a very useful feature ,which lets users clean a mistyped or accidentally sent message.

Users can view a deleted What’s app message using any of the two methods explained below,The first one shows ,how to keep a message safe by quoting it ,which lets you refer to the message even after its deletion,and the second one let us view the message using our Phone’s notification system,lets have a look at both of these methods one by one.

What’s app introduced a Quote message feature earlier on its app as we already know,which lets users reply specifically to a message,using this feature users can keep a message safe and view it even after its deletion,so if a users is able to quote a message,prior to its deletion,the same can be kept for reference even if it gets deleted,However it may also be noted that once a message gets deleted it cannot be quoted by a user,so this must be done before the deletion occurs,you can view the image below,which lets us read a deleted message because it was quoted prior to the deletion.

Apart from this What’s app deleted messages can also be recovered from the phone’s notification history,users can view the deleted messages from their phone’s notification log,the notification log keeps copy of a message once it gets received,this method however captures only first 100 characters so it may not be very useful for long and lengthy messages,for some android phones ,users can access notification log directly from the setting widget and other can try third party apps like ‘Notification History’ and various others,in order to view their phone’s notification log.

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