How to Play Sea of Thieves game for free with Xbox Game pass trial offer on PC & Xbox one

Sea of Thieves is a new type of multiplayer game that delivers all you need to live the free-roaming pirate life,Whether adventuring as a group or sailing solo, you’ll encounter other crews… but will they be friends or foes, and how will you respond ? Set sail upon a vast, open ocean, venturing into new regions and discovering the secrets of unspoiled islands and sunken ships,Hunt for treasure by following maps and untangling riddles, and learn to expect the unexpected… The game normally costs around 60$ ,but users can play the game for free with the Xbox game pass free 14 days trial offer .

It’s an adventure that will grow and evolve over time, with new content arriving regularly to ensure a fresh, exciting experience whenever – and wherever – you choose to set sail, With mounting praise from fans and critics alike, Sea of Thieves is set to be the next unforgettable adventure for players on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC, with enhanced features on Xbox One X.

Using the Xbox game pass free trial offer users on PC as well as Xbox one can play this game for free for 14 days and there after users can either choose to cancel or continue membership for just 9.99$ monthly price,below are the step required to signup for the Xbox game pass free trial and play the game for free.

Windows 10

Windows 10 users can easily download and play the game free for 14 days by simply signing up for the Xbox game pass free trial offer and then downloading the game,the steps are as follows.

  • Open the Microsoft Store on your PC,and Login or Signup to your account,
  • Type Xbox Game pass in the search bar and click search,
  • Select the 14 days free trial offer and proceed,
  • Click join and input your credit card details,
  • Click subscribe and once subscribed ,search for sea of thieves game in the store and initiate the installation.

Xbox One

The process is quite similar for the Xbox one user too,Xbox user also need an Xbox live gold membership in order to play online multiplayer games,users just need to follow the steps below in order to start their free trial offer.

  • Head to the Store and login to your Xbox live account,
  • Scroll a bit down and click on the memberships option,
  • Scroll again and select Xbox game pass,
  • Select the 14 days free trial offer and proceed,
  • Click join and provide your credit card details,
  • Subscribe and search for Sea of thieves,Click install to begin the download.

The free trial offer will apply for a 14 days time period ,after which users will be charged at the rate of 9.99$ per month ,so if you do not wish to continue after free trial cancel your subscription before the expiry of your trial period,Sea of thieves is a play anywhere game,so if you have it on PC you can play it on your Xbox one too and vice versa.

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