How to play Dino Runner game on Chrome browser while being online

It a common situation for most of us we’ve trying to load a news article, urgent email, or video when you suddenly lose internet access, either from slow network performance or spotty Wi-Fi. A few years back, the Chrome team realized that downtime doesn’t have to be a downer, “There’s nothing fun about getting kicked offline—unless you have a friendly T-Rex to keep you company, that is,” explains Chrome UX engineer Edward Jung on the motivation behind Chrome’s offline Dino game, The hidden game shows itself on the new tab page when Chrome users find themselves offline—press the spacebar, and the dino turns into a runner game.

The running T-Rex made its debut on Chrome four years ago, On the occasion of Chrome’s 10th birthday this week,users can also play this game on their Google Chrome browser ,without the need for going in an offline mode,follow the steps below in order to play it:-

  • Initially open up the Chrome browser and in the Address bar type in the following command,followed by the enter key- chrome://dino
  • Once you submit this command as url the game will come up on your screen ,in order to start it ,you just need to press the spacebar button on your keyboard,keep running and avoid the obstacles in order to raise your score.

The current dino also features a cute birthday cap ,The “birthday edition” dino was happy to have a costume change for the 10th anniversary,There are currently over 270 million games played every month, both on laptop and mobile. Not surprisingly, most users come from markets with unreliable or expensive mobile data, like India, Brazil, Mexico, or Indonesia.

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