How to perform Diagnostic tests on Android and iPhone

Diagnostic tests in mobile are meant to test the basic features of a phone,using which users can determine and analyse the performance of various features in a mobile phone,you can run this test in order to determine ,how a phone performs its various functions,in order to perform a diagnostic test users can either using its in-build functionality or third party apps,using diagnostic ,users can gain various information regarding their mobile device like battery information,device usage stats,camera ,speakers and so on.

In order to run diagnostics on a phone users can either use its in-build functionality or third party apps,It might be noted that not all phones support the in build functionality for diagnostics ,the inbuilt feature works via USSD code,users need to dial a number/code from their phone’s dial pad, which open up various options for the diagnostics ,lets have a look at the steps involved.

1. For Samsung Galaxy mobile

Users of Samsung galaxy mobile devices can easily run a Diagnostics on their devices by dialing *#0*# ,upon running this USSD code ,you will be presented a list of general options on your mobile,select the respective option in order to perform its test,Using these option,you can explore out various colors on the device,speaker,vibration,touch and various other available options.

2. For Motorola mobile

Motorola mobile users can also use USSD code to run diagnostics on their mobile phone device,in order to proceed, dial the code *#*#4636#*#* ,from your mobile,a testing screen will come up on the screen with various option,select an option in order to perform the respective test.

3. Using Apps for android and iPhone

Users of any android mobile or iPhone can also use third party apps on order to perform diagnostics tests on their phone,the apps offer users control over various tests,using these apps users can perform various tests on their phone like Camera,CPU,battery etc,the apps are listed below,users can download them from the links attached with the title,as per your respective phone platform.

  1. TestM (Android ,iOS)
  2. Phone check (Android)
  3. Phone diagnostics (iOS)
  4. Phone Doctor plus (Android)

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