How to Mirror your Android,iPhone and Windows phone to PC

Mobile Mirror is a way to project your Mobile Phone’s screen to PC ,using screen Mirroring,users can Mirror their phone’s display on their PC ,you can view as well as control your phone (As per the software’s features) from PC using the screen Mirror feature,Today with this post ,we are trying to cover up ,A way to mirror your Android,iPhone or WIndows Phone’s screen to your PC and also Simultaneously control your phone from your computer,this Software will work for Android,iPhone,Windows 8,8.1 as well as windows 10 Mobile phones,So here is a Simple way you can Mirror your phone to your computer for Display and control.


Android users can easily mirror their phone screen to PC using a Small piece of software,”Mirroring 360″ this software lets us mirror both android and iPhone devices to our PC using the WIFI network,both the devices require to be connected on the same WiFi network,This is a paid software but comes attached with a free 7 day trial,In order to start using this Software the steps to start using this software are as follows.

  • Firstly download Mirroring360 Software for Windows PC or MAC,From here,
  • Next install the Mirroring app on your Android device from the Playstore,
  • Finally open the software from your PC and signup or signup for your account,
  • Upon successfully logging in start your free 7 days trial,
  • Open the app from your phone and connect,the Screen will mirror up on the PC.

This software doesn’t require and data cable or wired connection between phone and PC,both your phone and PC are simply required to be connected on the same WiFi network.

Windows Phone:-

Windows phone users can also mirror their phone’s screen to PC using an Official software from Microsoft “Project my screen”,this software is available free of cost,this software supports screen display,as well as controlling the phone from your computer,you do not require any installation for your phone,this works with the data cable,here are step by step procedure to configure mirroring.

  • Download Project My screen Software from here,
  • Connect your Phone to PC via data cable,and
  • Open the Project my screen software on PC,your phone will ask permission for projection,
  • Click on yes,and the phone’s display will start projecting on your PC,

That’s not all,you can also control your phone directly form the computer using the mouse or touch screen on your PC using the Project my screen software.
Windows phone users have a free software to project their screen to the PC,while on the other hand the software listed out for android users is paid,and comes with  free 7 day trial offer,to let you experiment with the software.


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