How to hide installed apps on Android & iPhone

Apps installed on our phone appear inside the phone,inside the menu option and as we know their is no default option to hide an app on your android phone,if an app is installed on phone,it will show up as installed,you can remove it only by un-installing it,As mobile phones have a lots of apps with our private as well as personal data and information,it becomes a necessity for the users to hide their private apps from the phone,this becomes very useful especially when several people have access to your phone device.


Android users need to use an app “Apex launcher” this light weight launcher app offer users a wide range of customization,like Convenient home screen gestures,Feature to Backup/restore settings and data,performing customizations,hiding apps, and so on the app is available as free to download,once you download this app set it as your default launcher app and follow the steps below in order to hide and app.

  • Once the Apex Launcher is active,Click on the “6 dots” icon- App Menu launcher ,on your phone’s home screen,
  • Then, click on the three dots from top right,and goto Apex settings,
  • Here click Drawer settings > Hidden apps,Tick mark the apps to hide and click on the save button.

Once you have hidden an app,they will no longer show up on your phone,to access a hidden app ,users just need to type the app’s name in the Google search box at their phone’s home screen


Hiding apps for iPhone user is not a very hard process ,you can do this directly just head over to Settings > General restrictions > Enable restrictions ,input the passwords and choose the apps which you wish to hide,using this method users can quickly hide the pre-installed apps on their phone,In case you want to hide all the third party apps,You can select the ‘Don’t allow apps’ option. You can unhide the apps by following the same process used for hiding them and toggling the switch off for selected apps.

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