How to hide a chat conversation on What’s app

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Today we are going to introduce a very simple and intresting trick using which users can easily hide their conversation messages on What’s app,this process is based on the archive feature available at What’s app,users in order to hide their chat/conversation, need to archive that message/conversation. And to get it back you need to unarchive it,lets have a look at the steps involved for the android users

Hiding a Conversation

  1. In order to hide a conversation on What’s app,initially launch What’s app on your phone,
  2. Now Press and hold on the conversation you want to hide ,once selected, click on the archive icon,
  3. Upon clicking the Archive icon ,the chat will go hidden and will not be visible directly with other messages.

Unhiding a Conversation

  1. Now to bring back the conversation,all you need to do is to click on the Archived chat text ,from the bottom of all other conversations,
  2. This will open up a list of all the archived messages,
  3. Press and Hold on a particular message and select the unarchive option from the top.

The process of Archiving chat for iPhones is a bit different ,users just need to open the app and Full Swipe a conversation towards left in order to archive it. if you Swipe left a little the archive option will come up ,you need to select in order to process it,The steps involved for unarchiving are same for both iPhone and android users.

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