How to Get the Android P Bluetooth Volume feature on your android phone

Android P has an amazing feature ,that lets users save the same amount of volume for every Bluetooth device,normally ,if you connect a wireless speaker at high volume ,and then pair a bluetooth headset ,the resultant volume for the bluetooth headset get too high ,untill you remember to lower your volume while changing the device,to overcome this problem ,Android P has added a new feature,that lets users save volume setting for the bluetooth devices.

You can also use this feature on your android phone right now ,using the free “Bluetooth Volume control” app,This app allows Android to remember the volume of different Bluetooth devices,Both music and call volume can be configured for each device,The timing and configuration for each Bluetooth device can be individually adjusted,this app is available as free to download and works for android 4.4 and above users.

Using this app ,users can define a different volume for their Bluetooth devices, you can play a load music by connecting a wired speaker on your phone and make the volume auto adjust itself when switching to a Bluetooth headset,The app also allows users to set a default volume for both music and calls over the bluetooth device,download the app directly from the link above landing to the Google playstore.

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