How to get Rid of Viruses on an android phone

If you have and android device and love to download new apps,games and files then you must ensure that your device remains healthy by making it clean from viruses and various other problems,today in this post we will be covering some of the best tips and tricks you can use to clean up and protect your device from viruses,if you are looking are a simple solution to get rid of viruses,you can simply go for an antivirus app from the Google playstore which are available as both free as well as paid models.

Presence of a virus on an android phone has various symptoms like it may cause an android device to slow down,increase your phone’s data usage,and cause various other problems ,lets have a look at various solutions, you can try out ,in case you want to clean up or protect your android device from viruses:-

  1. Uninstall Suspicious apps
  2. If you detect any suspicious app on your phone, you can use the process below to get rid of it, Free antivirus apps can also help detect and unsafe android viruses.

    • Go to Settings on your Android smartphone,
    • Search for the suspicious apps in the ‘Apps’ section, Settings –> Apps,
    • Open the App Manager to locate the full list of apps,
    • Find the infected app from the list and uninstall it.

  3. Boot your Phone into Safe Mode
  4. If you are getting error messages and crashes on your Android smartphone, enter into the ‘Safe Mode’ to fix the issues,In Safe Mode, third-party apps and processes aren’t allowed to run in the background, It allows you to troubleshoot your android smartphone safely,Once the smartphone boots into Safe Mode, the watermark Safe Mode will appear at the bottom of the screen, You can easily uninstall malicious apps in Safe Mode since those malicious apps cannot run in the background in Safe Mode.

    • To enter Safe Mode, single press and hold your phone’s power button for a few seconds,
    • It will open the shutdown window,
    • Then, long press the Power OFF option to enter the Safe Mode.

  5. Use an Antivirus app
  6. if you aren’t browsing suspicious sites, downloading files from various third-party sources, then there is lower risk for malware infection. By installing an antivirus app like Comodo Antivirus, Avast Mobile security, AVG antivirus or any other, you can make sure that your device is safe at all times as the antivirus app will guard your android device proactively.

  7. Switch off your phone
  8. The final thing that a user can do for a virus infected device is to switch off your their phone ,this will not remove the virus from your phone,but prevent it from further spreading on your phone,in order to switch off your phone ,press and hold the power and click power off to shut down your device,once the device is shut down you can perform various steps securely like cleaning the external memory card,hard reset the phone etc.

Here’s how you can hard reset your phone if all the above mentioned solutions do not work as expected, upon a hard reset your phone will lose all it data ,so you must ensure that all your data is sufficiently backed up before reset, in order to prevent any loss of data,To conclude, here are some additional security tips you can practice to prevent virus occurrences on your phone:-

  1. The first and foremost thing that you have to do is to keep your Android device up-to-date. Google’s security updates keep your smartphone safe from all types of threats and malware.
  2. Download apps only from trustworthy sources like Google’s official Google Play store. You should not download files (apps,Files , etc.) from third-party sources and websites as they are unreliable.

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