How to Get Free 100 GB of One drive cloud storage on Samsung Phones

Samsung is offering free 100 GB of One drive cloud storage ,to its smart phone users,users of samsung android smartphones can avail this offer and get Free 100 GB of cloud storage for 2 years,users can avail this offer one time on their Samsung phone,With one drive Use your phone, tablet, or computer to continue what you started — wherever you happen to be, Any changes you make will be updated on all your devices.

If you ever lose your device, you don’t have to worry about losing your files or photos – they’re in your OneDrive,And OneDrive is encrypted using SSL,Share files, folders, and photos with friends and family, No more large email attachments or thumb drives — just send a link via email, text, iMessage, or Facebook,Your files aren’t shared with other people unless you save them in the Public folder or choose to share them,Follow the steps below in order to avail this offer:-

To summarize the offer,all you need to do is,Signin or signup for your account,Tap on the get free storage option,Follow the instructions ,you will be prompted to Download and login to Microsoft word app,to get your free 100 GB extra storage,follow the step by step instructions below.

  1. Initially download or Update the One drive android app on your Samsung phone (If your already use One drive ,Uninstall & then re-install the app),
  2. Once you open the app,you will see the offer for free 100 GB cloud storage,Sign in or Signup for your Microsoft account,
  3. Upon login ,click on the ‘Diamond’ icon shown on the screen ,Click ‘Add free storage’ and ,then
  4. Follow the on screen instructions to Download the Microsoft word app on your phone,login using the same account in the word app,
  5. Upon signing in open the one drive app on your phone ,to get your free 100 GB of cloud storage.

    This offer is applicable only for selected Samsung android smart phone users,if a user is not able to get the offer banner on One drive app,then probably your phone is not eligible for the offer,with one drive Access all of your OneDrive files in Windows 10 without taking up space on your PC,Use your phone to scan and store paper documents, receipts, business cards, or whiteboard notes in your OneDrive,Below are the FAQ regarding this offer.


  • What will happen to the files that are stored in OneDrive when the additional 100 GB expires after 2 years?
    After 2 years, you can still access and download all your files in OneDrive. However, you cannot upload new files and must save them elsewhere, You can purchase additional storage if your OneDrive account exceeds the 5 GB of storage that all users get for free.

  • If a user wants to keep the storage space after 2 year offer period OR to increase the storage space during the period, how much will the user need to pay?
    There are a number of options for users who wish to purchase more storage,You can find the various plans and prices from the Manage Storage page of your OneDrive account.

  • How does the 100 GB Samsung offer works when a user has another storage offer applied to their OneDrive account?
    Each storage offer is separate, and the amount of storage a user receives is additive, If a user already has 105 GB of storage space, when they redeem the Samsung offer, they will get an additional 100 GB. This would give them a total of 205 GB of storage space,However, many offers have different expiration dates, so the amount of total space available to a user may change over the 2 year duration of the Samsung offer.

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