How to Force Youtube to buffer a video completely at once during playback

Youtube video playback normally buffers a video when a users starts watching it,the buffer stops at various time durations and continues further as a users watches the video in correspondence to the viewing progress,you can force youtube to buffer a video completely in one single shot ,in order to experience a smoother playback experience,Today we are going to share a simple tweak for the Firefox browser users ,using which users can disable Youtube’s dash video playback.

Follow the steps as below in order to disable the Youtube dash video playback,once you perform these steps the video once started will load continuously on your browser to offer you a faster and buffer free YouTube experience.


1) Head to the Firefox browser on your PC and in the address Bar type-
followed by the enter key.

2) Next press Ctrl + F to open the search dialog

3) Type in the search box the following query

4) Double click on the option and disable it,once its set to ‘False‘ you are done.

Now open any video on youtube,and start playing it ,pause it ,and full video will start to buffer,however this tweak has a limitation that you cannot buffer videos above 720p ,you can disable this option anytime by simply setting the ‘media.mediasource.enabled’ back to true.

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