How to find and track Lost Mobile Phone online (Android,iOS and Windows phone)

Losing your mobile phone is one of the biggest loss,no matter how much safely you keep up with your mobile phone,you may lose it anywhere irrespective of time and day,However sometimes in some cases ,someone may find your mobile and be so kind to return it to back to you ,such noble act will be enough to save money and bill out of your pocket,But that’s just conditional,lets see,what you can do in order to track and operate your mobile online ,in case you got it lost,using these online tools,you can lock down your phone,cause it to ring,wipe all the data,get current location and so on.

These tracking feature come in-built with various mobile operating systems as well as mobile manufacturers ,you are only required to ensure that sufficient permissions are granted to them on your phone,let’s see how to use these tools.


Android Device manager

As long as you remember your Google id and are logged in on the phone with the same ,you can use this tool,Android device manager is an inbuilt security tool,that comes up with android devices,its totally free,using this tool is very simple,you just require an active internet connection on both the devices,using android device manager users can Ring,erase,track and wipe out there phone.

  • Initially head to This link ,and login with the same Google account used on your android device,
  • Once logged in you can perform various operations related to your device like tracking, ring,lock erase etc.

Windows phone:-

Windows phone also comes with an in-build mobile tracking mechanism using which users can perform various operations upon losing there device(s) ,such as Ring,Lock,erase,get the phone’s current as well as last location and also get the battery percentage of the phone,you just need to login with the same Microsoft account used on your phone.

  • Goto This link and login with your Microsoft account,used on the mobile device,
  • Now click on the find my phone option and locate or perform other functions.


Apple also offers tracking services to its iPhone users,WIth the Find my iPhone feature ,you can locate your missing iPhone,iPad and other devices on the map,you can also activate ‘Activation lock’ on your device to ensure that your information remains secure,This feature is applicable for iOS 7 and above.

  • Goto This link and sign with your apple id,
  • Once you have logged in at iCloud,you can locate and mange your apple device online.


Find my mobile

Find my mobile is a service for samsung mobile phone users,using this users of samsung smart phones can perform operations such as tracking,wiping etc on their mobile phone remotely,you must have a samsung account ,in order to use this service.

  • Goto This link from your PC and click on SIgnin,signin with your samsung account,
  • Upon logging in to your samsung account,you will have various options to manage your device.

If you want to create/manage a samsung account from your Device,goto Settings > Accounts and click on Samsung accounts.

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