How to enable Twitter Night Mode for Desktop,Android and iOS devices

Twitter has now rolled out its Night mode feature for all the Platforms,Desktop,android,and iOS feature,Windows phone Twitter app has a dark scheme pre-activated ,so no official night mode feature is available for the windows phone twitter app,The night mode feature from twitter turns the background darker,making it easier for the users to read the content during night or in Dim lightening,Follow the steps below to activate twitter Night mode on Desktop,android as well as iOS devices.

The night mode feature on twitter is not Pre-activated by default,users need to go through a process in order to activate or deactivate the night mode feature on twitter.

Steps to enable night mode


  • Login to from your PC,
  • Click on the Profile icon from the Top right ,
  • and Select the Night mode option from the Drop-down menu.

Android app

  • Open the Twitter android app and login to your account,
  • In the top menu, you will either see a navigation menu icon or your profile icon,Tap whichever icon you have,
  • Next to Night mode, drag the slider to turn on or off.

iOS app

  • Open the twitter iOS app on your phone and login to your account,
  • In the top menu, tap your profile icon,
  • And Tap the night mode icon to activate the night mode.

Note:To turn the feature off, tap the night mode icon again.

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