How to enable the Blue light filter feature on Windows 10 PC

An effective and complete sleep is very essential for healthy and proper functioning of our body,lack of sleep may lead to various physical and mental problems,The lights emitted by the screens of our devices are also a cause of many such problems as discovered by the researchers,People who work late lights on their PC without proper lightening in their rooms may face this problem,The latest update of WIndows 10 OS offers us the blue light filter feature ,that helps us in filtering the light of our computer’s screen during night hours, or whenever you want.

The latest updated version of Windows 10 creators update,features this Blue light filter option that lets us adjusts our computer’s lightening as per the time of day to offer our eyes a comforting display,As the night mode gets activated,it shows a warmer display and reduces the amount of blue light emitted from the screen.

Steps to activate Blue light filter on Windows 10

  • In order to activate the Blue light filter feature just right click on desktop and click on the “Display settings” option ,
  • Locate the night light option and turn it on,
  • If the filter doesn’t gets applied immediately,due to the time settings,
  • Click on the Night light settings option and click on the ‘Turn on now’ button,
  • You can also adjust the depth of filtering by dragging the slider,towards left or right.

Once you apply this filter the display of your screen will get filtered ,which will be very calming for the eyes,this feature can be set to auto activate itself as per the night timings in your country ,it can also be activated anytime as per your need and requirements,The night light filter feature is very effective for the users who work on their PC in dim lightening or during the night hours,With the night mode feature you can now carry on your work very smoothly even during the night hours,without any stress on your eyes.

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