How to earn money from Facebook pages

All Facebook page owners want to make money from their pages but most of them fail because of inadequate techniques
Here we are listing various ways to make money from your page

The fact is more likes more money
Likes should be real

1.CPC:Cpc networks pay you on basis of cost per click if you have decent Us (United states) likes My likes is a great site to work with I has amazing offers that attracts user attention choose an offer an start promoting you will get money on weekly basis minimum threshold is 1$ and payment is made via paypal

2.Promoting others offers:You can promote others pages ,products on your Facebook pages by simply posting a job on fiverr or ,post jobs like “I will give you 100 real likes by posting about your page on my page for 5$”,or “I will promote a website on my page for ..”

3.Affiliate networks: f you can drive sale or signups for advertisers then you can earn huge from affiliate networks refer below

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