How to download all the data from your Google account in a ZIP file

Various internet websites like Gooogle ,Facebook collect user data ,when we use them ,today we are going to introduce a quick tutorial ,using which users can get to know about all the information that google is storing for their account,this process includes selecting the data you wish to archive,waiting for the archive file to complete and get ready for download,follow the steps below,in order to request and archive for all the data stored in your google account.

To begin just head to This link, Landing to the Google Takeout page ,upon heading to this link,users will be required to login to their google account,once you login,simply select all the information your want to archive and then click the next button,on the next page select the archive format,split size as well as the delivery method and submit ,wait for the archive process to complete and download the file,you can either request for the email download or add the archive directly to your Dropbox or One drive account.

The archive file will contain various information related to your account like Google plus,your Bookmarks ,Calendars,Google Chrome data,Your contacts,Google drive files and folders,Google photos albums,your location history,all your activity data,YouTube data and so on,you can see your entire google history in separate document files.

Google Dashboard launched years back,also gives user a snapshot of the Google products they use, all in one place, You could review your Google activity in the last month, see how many emails, docs and photos you have, and get answers to questions about Gmail settings,Dashboard also offers quick access to select product settings and related help center articles.

You can also check out your Google account’s dashboard ,in order to browse through all your data and also manage it to turn if off or on for various services,by default these settings are turned on,however users can turn it off from the dashboard,the dashboard also shows your number of android devices for your account,Number of Playstore apps,number of files in Google drive ,your payment profile and various others.

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