How to delete your Facebook account completely and permanently: Step by Step Guide

Facebook with over billions of monthly active users is one of the most widely spread online platform,but sometimes users may have a need to delete their Facebook account over a new facebook account or any other reason,today with this guide we will be learning on how to delete a facebook account completely,instead of just temporarily deactivating it ,so follow our step by step guide to completely and permanently remove your facebook account.

Before beginning to delete your facebook account,you must ensure that all of your important and personal data is backed up on your PC and also your owned pages,groups and apps have an active admin to manage them, the steps below will guide your through the procedure, make sure you follow and use this tutorial from your PC, and are logged in to your facebook profile before clicking the links below,the steps are as follows:-

Step 1 – Backing up your account data

Your Facebook may contain a lots of your personal data like photos,videos,etc ,which you may want to backup to your PC before deleting your facebook account,Facebook has made it very easy for the users to backup their personal data and information.

To backup your facebook data ,just head to the Settings page on your facebook profile,their under the ‘General’ option,click on the ‘Download a copy of your facebook data’ link at the bottom,then click on the ‘Start my archive option’,and again click on the ‘Start my archive’ option for confirmation,wait for a few minutes and your will get the archive on your mail,Click on the link provided and download the archive.

Step 2 – Removing your devices

A Normally deleted facebook account as we know can be re-activated by simply Re-logging into your account,if your accidentally login to your facebook account during the waiting period your account will be re-activated ,in order to avoid this you need to remove all the device linked from your account.

To remove the devices,just head to this link,now under the ‘Where you’re logged in’, option click on the three dots ,besides each device and select the log out option and log out from all the devices,this will log out your facebook account from various browsing sessions and mobile apps.

Step 3 – Revoking the third-party app’s access from your Facebook account

You can use your facebook account to login at various websites and apps,this feature from facebook helps users to save time of account creation,Users can signup instantly at various apps, sites by simply logging in with their facebook account,If you use any of these apps,this can probably re-activate your facebook account,to avoid this you must revoke your account’s access to the third party apps where you are logged in with your facebook account.

In order to revoke your account’s access to apps and sites,just head to this link,here you can view all the apps/sites where you have logged in with your facebook account,remove all these apps one by one,by clicking on the ‘x’ icon besides each app,this will ensure that no apps or sites can access your facebook account.

Step 4 – Transferring the ownership of your Facebook pages,groups and apps

If you are an admin of any of the Facebook page,group or app,you must transfer your ownership of each page,group or app you own to another facebook account,in order to ensure that the page,group or app remains active and manageable even after your profile deactivation,an app gets auto deleted ,if the facebook account associated with it gets deactivated,while the pages and groups become un-manageable without an admin account.

  • For pages,head to this link and open each of your page,click on ‘Settings’ from top right, then click on the ‘Page Roles’ option and add an admin to your Facebook page,
  • For the groups,goto this link and scroll downwards to see a list of your owned groups,open a group then select a member from left side options and make him/her the admin.
  • For the apps head over to this link ,Select each of your app and click Roles > Add administrator to let your friend manage your app.

Step 5 – Deactivating Facebook ads manager

When you create an account on Facebook for the first time, you also open an advertising account,After you open an advertising account, you can give more people access to the account so that they can also manage your ads,so the Next thing you need to do is to deactivate your facebook ads account.

To do this Firstly you need to ensure that your Facebook ads manager account is fully paid up,and the ads management is transferred to another account, from the ‘Add people’ option,To deactivate an ad account,just head over to this link ,and follow the step by step instructions on the page to deactivate your facebook ad account.

Step 6 – Managing advertising data

Facebook keeps on gathering various data and tags from your facebook profile activities in order to create your ad preferences,users can view edit and control their ad preferences upto a certain extent,you can opt out of various options,here users need to deactivate all the ‘ad features’,under the ad settings tab.

In order to proceed just head to this link and from here disable all the options under ‘Ad settings’ and ‘Your information’ tab,this will let you keep away your personal data from facebook ads,Once you have completed all of these six steps,you are ready to deactivate your facebook account.

Step 7

A) Deactivating your Facebook account temporarily

Now once you have completed all the above steps and are ready to perform the account deactivation,before deactivating your facebook account permanently,you must deactivate it temporarily ,Just to try how it feels without having a facebook account and to ensure if its Ok to delete your facebook account permanently,Under this stage all your data will remain intact on facebook,your account will just be closed,which can be reactivated by logging in again.

To deactivate your facebook account temporarily,just head to this link,here on this page you need to re-enter you facebook password,then select one of the reason for deactivation and finally click on the ‘Deactivate’ button to deactivate your facebook account.

B) Deleting your facebook account completely

Finally once you have passed all the above steps and are ready to deactivate your facebook account completely and permanently,you can proceed further,This will be the final deletion ,Here deleting your facebook account will permanently disable all the features like messenger,profile etc and your account will be deleted completely

If you have decided to permanently delete your Facebook account,just head over to this link,One you open this link,the page will show a message,saying that if you click delete you will not be able to access your facebook account again..(Refer the image below) ,click on the delete option to start the deletion process.

Once you have confirmed the deletion of your facebook account in the ‘Step 7 B’,your account will get invisible to all your friends,the account can get reactivated if you try to login again,It may take upto 90 days for your account to get completely deactivated,So before clicking the delete button in Step 7 B ,you must ensure that you really want to delete your facebook account.

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